Company Profile

BintiAfrica Background

Established in 2009, BINTIAFRICA Ltd. is one of the fastest growing fashion designer line and interior consultancy company with its own production house and corporate office located in Kinondoni Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – East Africa. As an apparel designer, BintiAfrica specializes in the production and sales of clothing, ladies shoes, hand bags and other accessories made from African attires.

From inception through now and ongoing, BintiAfrica’s products have gain loyal patronage from neighboring countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Zambia and South Africa, beyond the neighboring coast including the western world. The stunning opportunity of growth opened to BintiAfrica is an endefined phenomenon in the clothing industry because of its unique choice of fabrics and production aesthetics.

The machine ring of BintiAfrica’s products, marshals a capacity of 17 permanent staffs and 4 contracted staffs with a focus to expand the staff strength to 100 Tanzanian youths and women, which will comprise primary and secondary marketers, product marketing and marketing of BintiAfrica’s annual national events: establishing of a honorary academy for the training of young entrepreneurs, and humanity services for the Tanzania woman/girl-child.

Before the establishment of BINTIAFRICA, Johari Sadiq worked in the organized private sector as a telecoms official (Zantel) through 2009 when she branched out to turn her passion into masterpieces of a designer brand, like her western counterparts.

With Hillary Clinton

Front is Hon. Hillary Rodhan Clinton former U.S Secretary of State, front row center is Ms. Johari Sadiq

Speech at AWEP

Ms Johari Sadiq, at the AWEP conference giving a speech at USAID office.

Certificate of Participation

Ms. Johari Sadiq (center) being awarded a Certificate of Participation in the African Women Entrepreneurs Leadership Program by Ms. Ella Butler and David Paulsen, U.S. Department of State Officials in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

From AWEP to Binti Foundation

To further express her humanitarianism, Johari was nominated to represent Tanzania in a highly successful 2012 African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP), The U.S. Economic System and Business Development. In 2012, women entrepreneurs from 40 African nations convened in Washington for the third meeting of the African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP), which ran from June 3rd to 23rd held in conjunction with the U.S. hosted 2012 AGOA Forum in Washington, DC, and a U.S.-Africa Business Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. In this conference she was able to get the opportunity to meet with leading U.S. and African policymakers and business people. She also had the opportunity to meet the U.S. Secretary of State Hon. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Premised on her drive to promote the role of women entrepreneurship, Johari Sadiq, has set out a non-profit fashion line to create awareness for the empowerment of the girl-child, by spearheading a frontier that will derive support from the community of fashion designers, in order to champion gender programs and promote quality education and child rights for the girl child. It is on this notion that the company derived its name BINTI – meaning GIRL in Swahili.

Structure of Organization

BintiAfrica is a limited liability company, and it’s internal ultimate authority is the Board of Directors. The General Manager is held exclusively responsible for daily management. The main departments include the Tailoring Dept., General Manager’s Office, Sales Dept., Dept. of Administration, Purchasing Dept., Dept.of Finance, and Dept. of Technical Support.

To make BINTIAFRICA’s brand become the extra to the ordinary as a designer brand, locally and globally.

Is to understand and exploit the aesthetics of every fabric, in order to create designer masterpieces that are distinctly excellent and positively profitable, using the full gamut of creative fashion expressions.

To make BINTIAFRICA’s brand the best, consistently.


  • To offer products and services that are not offensive to positive spirituality.
  • To offer products and services that project history and heritage productively.
  • To offer products and services at the highest affordable standard, locally and globally.
  • To offer products and services that engenders company/clients mutual friendship eternally.
  • We offer a working environment, ethics and motivation that makes every staff a family.

Consistent in our service. Proficient with our designer brand. Integrity in delivery. Loyalty to clientele. Efficient in customer relationship.

The critical success factors to our business are;
Setting: We host a working environment that supports superior service delivery.
Uniqueness: We inspire standout leverage for our designer brand – BINTIAFRICA.
Eminenence: The expressions of our brand exceed the quest for beyond excellence in quality.
Correlation: We engender clients/employees relationship.

To mention but a few, Binti Africa has participated excellently in various fashion exhibitions and shows in different countries such as:

  • Uganda,
  • Rwanda,
  • Kenya,
  • Sudan,
  • South Africa,
  • Tanzania etc.

BintiAfrica showcasing her product at Sabasaba exhibition on July 2014 in Tanzania

BintiAfrica showcasing her product at Source of Africa exhibition on April 2013 in South Africa

BintiAfrica in Ghana

Our main showroom and offices are located in Kinondoni while a well equipped tailoring workshop is located in Survey Mwenge.

Our fashion house has a design team of highly qualified designers specialising in fields of textile and garment design whose work covers all areas – womenswear, menswear, footwear, childrenswear, accessories, corporate clothing and protective wear such as overcoats, overalls, gumboots, industrial gloves & headgear. We work in close association with a large network of freelance designers and contractors to create individual unique collections. Our aim is to give a unique design and fast response service, to ensure that projects are complete on time, within budget and to a high standard

Our company boasts of a high caliber of local and international client base serving both individuals and large organisations. Online sales contribute to the large of our sales on an annual basis.

Offers & Services Capabilities

BintiAfrica designs and presents tailor – made color for most of its African materials well before the buying season.

BINTIAFRICA’s talented textile design team provides exclusive designs of co-ordinated packages for the whole area of fashion and lifestyle. Hand clients and requirements.

Lifestyle packages include artwork for furnishing fabrics including batik and kitenge printed textiles, bed linen, table linen & wallpaper design. Total interior design service including furniture, fabrics, curtains, upholstery and product sourcing.

BINTIAFRICA employs graphic designers to generate or develop all areas of fashion, textiles and lifestyle.

BINTIAFRICA has experience in preparing illustrated comparative company research and analysis of manufacturers, supply base, company collection design and creates design concepts and manufacturing solutions. BINTIAFRICA has successfully found fresh range and design concepts for clients, this often includes finding an appropriate team to carry the concepts out.

We offer completed collections of women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s wear designed and presented to the client in themes, colour, fabric stories, unique print, embroidery, sourced items, fully colored fashion illustrations, diagrammatic specifications and fabric details where required. Consultations and discussions are part of the service.

Liaising with textile manufacturers on behalf of a client both local and internationally, BINTIAFRICA can oversee sample range development ensuring that the end product is of the best quality and highest standard interpretation of design for our clients.

BINTIAFRICA has great experience in the field of corporate and career wear, it is an important market. BINTIAFRICA understands the requirements that include functional design, durability and performance. Total corporate resource facilities are available.

BINTIAFRICA offer a comprehensive accessories design and sourcing service for scarves, handbags, shoes, jewelers, hats, and umbrellas for men’s wear and women’s wear.

Our products comprise of the categories: clothing, fashion accessories and interiors decor textiles, while our sales service is primary and secondary in its dispense.

BINTIAFRICA’s primary sales service undertakes orders, build and delivers; deliver to online buyers and host direct sales in our outlet at Kinondoni Road (Opp. Barclays Bank), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, (and other upcoming synergic outlets).

Considering difference in location, our secondary sales approach service integrates an encompassing marketing holder’s-package that serves as a distant sales tool,  communicating our sales services in 4 dimensions; promoting BintiAfrica designer, showcasing products, directing you to online orders and rendering interior decoration at your location.


    Received an award in appreciation of generous contribution to the community.
    Recognized by the agency in respect of its participation in the exhibition to promote Tanzanian products.
    Bintiafrica received certificate of appreciation for actively participating in 50 years of independence organized by the Tanzania.
    For its contribution and support to the success of Bongo star search.
  5. Bintiafrica was also awarded certificate of honor for participation in the ANNUAL MASQUERADE BALL.
  6. HARUSI TRADE FAIR – 2012 Award of participation.
  7. 8020 FASHIONS: Binti Africa was recognised for its outstanding support and lasting contribution to 8020 Fashions.
  8. And many others not listed here.